Inventory of staff office tables and chairs to buy hot spots

Inventory of staff office tables and chairs to buy hot spots

Choose based on practicality. Practicality is the most fundamental procurement principle, when we buy staff office desk, we should adhere to the principle of practicality. Can not overemphasize the external design of the staff office desk, the basic functions of the staff office desk should be equipped. For example, the practical scope of the table should meet the daily office needs of employees, and the storage space should also meet the basic needs, and it is best to have adjustment functions according to some special work scenarios of employees, such as the lifting function of the table.

Select staff desks for flexibility. Now the staff office desk generally has the function of flexible collocation, such as the most common office card, can also be L-shaped, cross-shaped, one-font placement, many office desks and other office furniture flexible collocation to achieve the delivery of different office functions.

Choose according to the appearance of the staff desk. Before purchasing the staff office desk, first measure the size of the office space and select the office desk with the appropriate size. At present, the screen staff office desk is more common in the market, which has a certain degree of privacy and is not too open. When purchasing, you can choose the color and appearance of the office desk according to the company's corporate culture and personal preferences. It is recommended that you can also choose different colors of the office desk according to different functional departments. For example, the creative department chooses more bright and lively colors to help creative people develop their imagination; In the research and development department, light colors are used to help employees think calmly.

In addition to some of the above purchase hot spots, in the purchase of staff office desks should follow the principle of saving, green environmental protection principles, refuse to use poor quality or with harmful substances of office furniture, so that employees happy office, love work.

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